Passing Music on to Alaska's Youth

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25 November 2008

To all the kids of Beaver, Stevens Village and Tanana,

 You have really touched my heart with your thank you letters and hosting your village to us. Remember you are the future leaders for your villages in the places of your Ancestors. They still depend on you to preserve your subsistence way of living (a federal law) and same time finish your high school and then college. With these wisdoms you will someday make great differences in your villages. Respect your elders for they are your foundation. Respect everyone else's property because they may help you in times of need in the future. Always say  "I love you" to your guardians, parents and relatives. Respect your wildlife because it is your future food storage. Keep your land clean because it is like your table. Many of you got attached to us but again we have families too (I too must go home to my three year old daughter-Cheyenne) she is learning to be a musician like her dad. Like anything else practice makes better so rehearse your instruments. Remember each one of you are special! Until next time we will see you!

 God bless you.

 Pete J. Peter
 Dancing with the Spirit Assistant Director

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